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Designing a (large!) bookcase

Earlier this year, we had a customer approach us with a rather large collection of technical material and a rather large wall to put it on.

They quite liked the look and modularity of the smpl. shelving system, so we went forward with this option in the proposal. The wall in the customers lounge measured 4250mm wide, so this was suitable for 3600mm of shelving.

4.3m by 2.4m smpl shelving system installed on a wall in Napier, used as a bookshelf

Due to the nature of textbooks being a bit on the heavy side, 600mm wide shelves were recommended with the bottom row being 300mm deep and the rest being 200mm. We also spaced the bottom row at 375mm vertical pitch to allow for larger format magazines and books as well.

Dimensioned drawing of smpl shelving system on wall of house

The customer was very happy with this layout, as it was able to hold a fairly significant portion of their book collection. There were a couple of minor obstacles to avoid, but it was a simple case of removing the offending shelves, and putting in a shorter rail.

The wall rails were installed on the wall using screw-in plasterboard fixings and over 100 of our usual 4mm torx-head screws. Was held onto the wall very securely, but will over 700kg of books, it really need to be.

Shelving installation showing just the smpl rails with no shelves installed

The shelves were installed at a 300mm vertical pitch which was sufficient for the vast majority of the books and the larger ones went on the bottom row.

Installed smpl shelving showing full of books

Feedback from the customer has been overwhelmingly positive:

"Shelves are great! They look beautiful and are wonderfully fit for purpose. You are clearly a master craftsman."

Close up image of large smpl bookshelf full of books