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smpl. System

There are 3 main components; Wall Rails, Shelves and Cabinets.

Wall rails come in any length from 150mm right up to 3000mm. You can put your modules on the wall rails at any position in 75mm increments from top to bottom. 
Each module (shelves, cabinets etc) needs at least 2 rails for support. Practically, this means for a vertical column of modules, you will need 2 rails. For two columns of modules, you need 3 rails, and so on. 

The wall rails are connected to the wall using a screw-in drywall anchor. These are typically fixed at 150mm centres for heavily loaded units, or less for light loading.

Shelves are at the heart of smpl. System. Available in 600 or 900mm wide, you can choose any position on the wall rails to store your wares. You will receive the shelf kits in 3 separate parts; 2 ends and 1 shelf. They are connected with small brass socket screws that are easily connected with a flat bladed screwdriver.

The depths (front to back measurement) are 200 and 300mm, which can accommodate Books, Magazines Hi-Fi equipment and of course your 12" vinyl collection.

Cabinets engage into the wall rails in the same manner as the shelves, positioned at 75mm increments. With Heights of 150, 225 and 300mm, you can choose a size based on what you need to store and to achieve the desired aesthetic. All cabinets have a depth of 350mm (from front to back).


If you have any queries or would like some recommendations, please get in touch. We would usually recommend a photo or two and some basic dimensions of the available space. From there, we can send you through some ideas and get the ball rolling.



We provide detailed installation instructions for the DIY inclined, or happy to stop by and install for you (NZ only at this stage). It's usually a very simple process either way (just basic screws into the wall), so happy to discuss your requirements.