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All about 'us'

The smpl. product range was borne out of a need for a range of interior furniture, shelving systems and storage that fulfilled many different roles. Bedroom, office, lounge, bathroom; the list goes on. 

My name is Hayden and my company is theGenesis. While it might just be me that you see behind the products, there's actually a whole team of suppliers that I have worked with for many years. 

From sheetmetal to cabinetry, powdercoating and glass, I will only work with companies who have dependable quality and service.

As far as the products themselves, I am very passionate about them being not just long lasting, but rather adapting and evolving as you do in life. My family and I recently built our own home, and through that process learned a lot about use of space and simplicity, but also about bringing warmth and personality to your living through having a bit more of your life on show.

I seem to approach things from an engineering perspective, hence seeing a lot of modularity and multi-use in what I do. Form is important, but it is just art unless it has function.