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Mantel Shelves
Mantel Shelves
Mantel Shelves
Mantel Shelves

Mantel Shelves

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Mantel Shelves

Carved down to its most basic form, the Mantel Shelf has a mounting surface and a storage surface. Yes, that's it.

Perfect on their own or as part of a team lineup, the Mantel Shelf can allow your memories top be on show at all times.
All shelves are supplied without mounting holes to enable wall mounting on the studs of your wall framing, although holes can be added at no cost in specific positions. Typically used for light loading, we don't recommend using these shelves for things like book or vinyl collections. 

Steel shelf, Galvanised + Powdercoat
Screw fix into wall, quick and effective
250mm depth

  • Black or white powdercoat
  • Length from 600-3000mm long in 600mm increments 
  • Other sizes available on request

Please note that this product currently has a 4 week lead-time.